10 Gift Ideas for Woke Folks to Troll Your Triflin Ass Relatives With

The Future Is Queer
Image via IG: @a_sleepless_mind

Trump won, and quite frankly, a lot of us woke people saw it coming.

However,  thanks to white people (and a select few Uncle Toms and auntie Tonyas), the 2016 election revealed to millions of sleep people that the United States hasn’t actually come as far as they thought. Now as the holidays roll up on us like the final wave before the apocalypse, many of us are either heading to our hometowns to argue with our Trump-supporting relatives, or ignoring confused family and friends who “still can’t believe!” how we got here. But it doesn’t have to be all bad. No matter your religion,  you can take this time to give the gift of insight to your sleep or ridiculous family and friends in the name of “Wake the fuck up!”

That’s right, QUNTFRONT’s rounded up some of our favorite presents from progressive, black or brown-owned and woke companies that you should legit troll your fam with. They may not get it. They may not even like it. But they need it. You’re welcome.


  1. Make America Native Again Hat


2. Defend the Sacred Shirts and Apparel


3. The People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn

The People's History of the United States
Image via Instagram @xbostonirishx

4. This Is What a Feminist Looks Like T-Shirt


5. The Future Is Queer Tee

queerdosbrand The Future Is Queer T-Shirt
Image via IG: @a_sleepless_mind

6. A donation in your relative’s name to an organization of your choice

Mike Pence screenshot

7. The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

Image via Instagram @bald_black_bookworm
Image via Instagram @bald_black_bookworm

8. “If You Are Neutral…” Sweater

"If Your Are Neutral..."

9. Stop Telling Women to Smile Tote

Stop Telling Women to Smile

10. Fuck Donald Tee

Fuck Donald Tee


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