4 Upcoming ‘Pro Black’ and ‘Queer’ Propaganda Movies You Should Avoid

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Tell your family, tell your friends. The liberal media is at it again with its unnerving black and queer propaganda, folks. News broke Friday that Moonlight (a super queer film about black masculinity, sexuality and “yes homo” queerness) will release in October to eager, easily mislead viewers. Readers, don’t be fooled. This seemingly harmless piece of gay agenda  is here to brainwash you  and we’ve taken the liberty to expose even more shameful media for you to avoid in the coming months.


Apparently Moonlight is based on a “popular” play about a black teen boy growing up in 1980s Miami and director Barry Jenkins decided to make a movie, like any of us asked for this. Singer and actual android Janelle Monáe signed on to this project as well, and you know how much queer propaganda she’s touted over the years. What a disgrace. Avoid at all costs this October 21st.

Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures claims to tell the true story of  the “unsung heroes” of NASA in the early 1960s, starring Taraji P. Henson (a black woman) as so-called award winning mathematician and human computer Katherine Johnson (also a black woman). Black women as math whizzes? Sure. Let’s not see how that goes. It comes out this January 13th. Mark your calendars for protest.

Happy Birthday Marsha

Official Trailer for Happy Birthday, Marsha!

Happy Birthday, Marsha is a propaganda movie at it’s finest touting black “transgender pioneer” Marsha P. Johnson as some sort of leader. It’s said to be set in the hours before the historic Stonewall riots, which we all know were led by gorgeous white men. The leading actress Mya Taylor has a history of playing in propaganda films with transgender agenda filmTangerine being her movie debut.

No Fats, No Femmes Documentary

The queers say No Fats, No Femmes is a phrase bigots use to discriminate but is it really that bad? This documentary wants to somehow prove that preposterous point to you. We wouldn’t waist our coins.

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