5 Delightful Hats Perfect for Summertime Cat-Calls

Portrait of young woman wearing hat in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

Summer is officially here and you know what that means—it’s peak cat-caller season (which is a continuous season that lasts throughout the year)! Get hype ladies, femmes, and everyone in between ’cause cat-callers don’t discriminate and they love a good…anything! Even better, you don’t have to do a thing to get spotted by one of these lovely guys. Simply exist and we can promise you an interaction or two, or five! So embrace your inevitably interactive summer with these super cute hats, just perfect for an afternoon cat call:


Young Woman Drinking Iced Tea On The Street

The Minding Your Business Hat: You’re here, you’re there, you’re minding your business. As for the cat-callers, well, they are also minding your business. Because, like, duh, that’s their job! Keep sipping your tea, listening to your jams or going on your morning stroll but make sure to keep the volume low so you can still hear that psymphony of praise.

Mixed race woman smiling on city street

The Not a “Ms.” Hat: You’re no Ms. but when it comes to cat-callers you are! Forget how you usually identify ’cause these cat-callers have a universal language that clearly trumps your own. It’s all good. Go with the flow and remember: cat-calls are the purest compliment!

Man looking up at sky,smiling

The Close Enough Hat: Cat-callers have a brilliantly complex radar system that works best in the summer to spot any sort of feminine traits deemed worthy of one of their signature coos. You may think they won’t see you but don’t you fret, they always do!


The I’m Working Right Now Hat: Here you are, on the job, “making that paper” as they say. Perhaps you work at a mall or an outdoor booth, in which case, cat-callers have probably sprinkled their unsolicited fairy dust your way. Wear that hat with pride and maybe one of those cuties will be your guy someday! Talk about luck!

Portrait enthusiastic woman with sparkler in backyard

The No Hat Hat: That’s right, no hat at all!  Embrace the calls anyway, friend. They’ll still come, no matter what hat you’re rocking! 😀

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