5 QTPoC Propaganda Movies We Highly Recommend You Avoid

Lately, black and brown queer people everywhere have been taking up space. It’s a phenomenon all too welcome by the ‘woke’ movement and we here at Quntfront just won’t stand for it. We saw it last year with Moonlight, and now there are a gamut of new propaganda films here to brainwash our children with their gender bending and their queer-a-tudes. But don’t you fret. We had your back last year, and now in 2017, with 5 of the most outrageous QTPoC movies to look out for, and we mean LOOK OUT. They’re coming at you fast.


The Wound

The Wound premiered at Sundance and is the directorial debut of NYU Tisch grad, John Trengove. The film follows a young gay South African named Kwanda who struggles with coming to terms with his sexuality on a journey to a ritualistic rite of passage called Ulwaluko (a kind of circumcision). This movie is so full of propaganda that Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa has gotten involved, leading to a national ban on the film, as it should be.


America in Transition


America in Transition. Guess what it’s about? You guessed it! The transgenders. Clever. Now this movie is especially horrendous in that it’s entire production is being made possible by 410 sheeple who’ve backed its apparently ‘successful’ Kickstarter campaign. The documentary of sorts will follow the families, communities and social issues of trans people of color across the United States.


Close Knit (Karera ga honki de amu toki wa)


The Japanese film, directed by Naoko Ogigami, premiered in Berlin and is expected to do fairly well internationally with so-called ‘queer audiences’. The plot follows through the eyes of a young girl neglected by her former family and later taken in by a transgender woman who becomes a mother figure to her. It’s meant to be a heartwarming, family friendly movie,  but we all know trans people are far from ‘family friendly’.


More than T


The documentary More Than T premiered during Pride Month (of course) on Showtime and is meant to highlight stories about transgender and gender non conforming people, as if they really need more representation.


The Misandrists 


The Misandrists, a movie as subversive as it sounds, as if we even needed to tell you. It’s about a bunch of queer feminists trying to rule over men in Germany. We’ll take a hard pass on that, thanks.



Garden of Eden


Garden of Eden damns the usually religious context of the term in the most hellish way — by making this film about a young, black lesbian. A lesbian. And not just any lesbian, a homeless lesbian played by Anyanwu Uwa, who’s wise father kicks her out for being an abomination.

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