6 Trendy Skirts That Perfectly Hide That You Just Farted

Modle on couch in black silk skirt

Ever wish the myth that you don’t fart were actually true? Now’s you can make it so. That’s right, friends, we’ve got the perfect trendy skirts for you in those moments of well, need. Whether you’re dressed down with friends, business caj for the office or even just grabbing some groceries, you never know when the silent but deadly may attack. Or maybe you’re more of a stealthy shitter? No worries. We’ve got you (and your bum) covered. No really, let it out!

  1. The High Waist, No Waste
    So you wanna go out tonight but your guts got a different agenda? Do you, boo! Rock one of these form-fitting numbers for a gas-free night on the town. Don’t worry, your friend covering her mouth just let out a lil’ sum sum herself. You’re all good!
Two Young Women Sitting on Stairs Talking
Two Young Women Sitting on Stairs Talking

2. The Let it Flow
Omg, it’s you and your bestie! Time to let loose. Only this time, no need to pretend that brunch didn’t leave you  feeling some type of way in your nether region. Let it flow freely without avail cause guess what—you’re wearing a skirt!

Young person in Shibuya.
Young person in Shibuya.

3. The Oversized Frump-n-Dump
You decided to take a chill trip to the city today and you’ve been holding a potential fizzle since this morning. Hold it no more. Take a seat, lift a butt-cheek and “Let It Go, Let it Go”. This oversized look will keep you fashion-forward while your rip ass more discreetly than you ever knew you could!


fashion skirt 5

4. The Maxi Steamer
   Trust this simple yet elegant maxi skirt to do your bidding while you lay an egg in the isle.

skirt flowers

5. The Tan-tilizing Tooter
You’re in the office today and you’ve got work to do. Be efficient and let your modest khaki, knee-length skirt keep your tushy blows modest as well. Look how efficient you’re being!

Beautiful girl - beautiful smile - beach
Beautiful smile – beach

6. The Beach Bum
No bubbles in the water this beach day! Don’t be shy when your friend Whoopee comes to say hello while gathering round the bonfire. This time won’t be a fire hazard. Then you can dance in the sand and move all you like cause’ there won’t be any awkward poot-pauses on this trip!

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