7 Times #YtPeople Made Ethnic Food Like Actually Edible


Ethnic foods can be great fundamentals but often miss the mark. And let’s not kid ourselves, sometimes they’re just plain Eww. But don’t you fret, white people are here to take your traditional dish to the next level so that people will actually, like, eat it. We’ve highlighted our favorite, totally edible culinary creations here, just for you.

Pumpkin Spice Hummus

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Just about anything pumpkin-spice is all the rage around autumn, but why stop there? White people have taken the Middle Eastern charming-yet-plain spread and revamped it into a modern, fun mix everyone can enjoy. Genius!

Any Meal in a Mason Jar

photo courtesy foxloveslemons.com
photo courtesy foxloveslemons.com

Everything is better in a mason jar. Got a traditional dish you’d like to recreate? Well just place it in one of these suckers and you’ve got a whole new meal! Try it for yourself. Doesn’t it taste, like, wayyy better?

Spaghetti Tacos

Capers Farmer recipe

This perfectly funky fusion food will inspire the Americana in you. You’ll get the warmth of an Italian comfort food with a crunchy Mexican twist. Plus, tear-inducing spiciness is totally removed for this meal. (No offense, tacos) Enjoy!

Macaroni And Cheese Sushi

courtesy Brobible.com recipe

Similar to our previous dish, this meal is inspired by comfort and ethnic flair. Instead of the fishy alternative (ick), these deliciously cheesy bite-sized munchies are the perfect snack or light lunch. Great for you foodies interested in guilty pleasures, and so over seaweed. (This recipe includes Sriracha! 😊)

Collard Greens 2.0


That’s right, collards are the new kale and we’re not looking back! They’re deliciously green and wildly versatile for salads, pies and even healthy juices. You can even give them a soulful punch with a bit of bacon. Nom, nom. Not too much though (gross!).

Pomegranate Guacamole

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Pomegranates and avocados are full of antioxidants which are so on trend right now. Be a true trendsetter and introduce your friends to this wonderfully natural pairing. Wish we thought of it!

Put Kimchi On It!


Thank goodness white people discovered Kimchi! Ever since the fermented treat hit the Interwebs we can’t get enough of it. Add it to your tacos, pizza or even fries for a unique taste (and smell!) you won’t find anywhere else.

Got anymore great recipe revamps? Post them in our comments, below!

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