A Breakup in 5 Haikus

gifheart via Tumblr
The conversation
Phone rings non-stop, damn.
Talk. Short and sweet. And sour.
But, wait. Can we? Stop.


The denial

No. No. No. No. No
No. No. No. No. No. NO. NOOO.

Noooo. No. Nooo. No. *sobs*


The anger
I despise Facebook. 
I really hate Instagram.



The hopeful
Today is the first
Day of the rest of my life
Why, it’s so sunny! sunnysmiley via Google


The move-on

I’m too cute for this.
I’m TOO cute for this, dammit.
Going out tonight.
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One thought on “A Breakup in 5 Haikus

  1. the relief of haiku as a format is getting the essence of something way huge into a little compartment. thank you for turning some shitty times into cute and funny shapes <3

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