Allie’s Safety Pin Is Pure Gold and Can Shoot Rainbows—So There


You just bought that basic bitch, run-of-the-mill safety pin but Allie is like wayyyy ahead of you. She invested in a $300 pin from Nordstrom that literally reflects rainbows depending on the lighting in the room. So. Yeah.

When Trump won the presidency last week, Allie knew she had to prove to everyone she wasn’t one of the white women who voted for him. So unlike her annoying dad Jeff (a Trump supporter who Allie refuses to talk to since November 9th) Allie is gonna totally rep for all those minorities out there.

Allie’s into wearing her pin right above her chest and she’ll be the first to tell you it’s no big deal. Very modest. When asked the motivation behind her most recent splurge, Allie said,

Minorities need people like me to have their back, you know? Now when they see a rainbow in the distance they can totally know that’s me? I’m there, wearing the pin. For them. I like, didn’t vote for Trump.

Beautiful. Just beautiful. The Allie’s of the world are Making America Great Again.

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