4 Super Stylish Sunglasses That Say ‘I’m Definitely Not Anxious rn’

It is, of course, understood that mental illness is an upper class, white people phenomenon, totally irrelevant to black and brown people because like, are we even human? To prove that fact, we’ve rounded up four super stylish sunglasses that clearly prove that we’re absolutely, definitely not anxious right now.


1. Classic Round Concealers

These smooth shades are summer’s favorite go-to, especially on a hot day on the way to that job interview you’re clearly and simply excited (and not anxious) about.

2. The Elusive Aviators

Elusive, indeed, these sunglasses present the perfect amount of mystery on your morning commute that says, “You have no idea what I’m thinking right now, and you don’t want to know.”

3. Coy Cat-eyes

Who needs to feel anxious when you’re rocking some obvi carefree stunners? Carefree hashtags where you at?

4. Extra tinted, for dramatic effect

It’s been a long day, and if you were just any old somebody, you might wear some typical sunglasses to protect your eyes. However, you are black which means you are peak nonchalant and soo fashionably unbothered, so you wear the extra tinted junts for dramatic effect.



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