Bi Friend Only Half-Visible in Photos


Don’t be alarmed, there’s no issue with your phone (unless, of course, you have a highly flammable new Samsung Galaxy, or those odd little iPhone 7 earphones), your bi friend is just partially invisible. Mikey was surprised to look at his photo set from last night’s party only to find his friend Paisley only showed up half way in every pic.


Paisley is “bi,” a term now popular in mainstream media that means she’s basically part unicorn. Much like vampires and other mythical creatures, bisexual people have trouble casting reflections. But unlike their counterparts, bisexual people can show up fully in pictures if they just admit it—and you know what “it” is. That’s right, bi people simply need to say whether they are gay or straight and they are then granted full visibility. Though a seemingly simple concept, studies show very few bisexual people agree to making the call.

Most recently, self-identified bi person and famous singer Halsey has made headlines in a Buzzfeed article that implies the electropop star just might admit she’s straight soon. Meanwhile, Halsey’s team has a lot of photoshopping to do to make sure her full image appears in all those Instagram posts.


Let’s hope bisexual people pick a side. Meanwhile, Paisley asks that people refrain from questioning her bisexuality until she comes to her decision.

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