I Don’t Even See You as Black, A Love Poem

Happy lesbians couple
Happy lesbian couple

My glowing light
My lustrous love
You shine like a diamond
In the rough
Like a clear diamond, though
I mean, I don’t even see color anyway
We’re all the same in my eyes
Like one time I couldn’t even remember
what my friend, Alex, you remember Alex?
Anyway, I couldn’t even remember what color
she was because it’s, like, we’re all human, you know?

My  heart is yours
Your heart of gold
And whence we met
You had me sold
Not that anyone should be sold
That’s, like, never okay
I mean, I am one-hundred percent
against any form of slavery ever at any time
All humans are equal!

Like vines on brick
We’re intertwined
You hold me close
Your palms touch mine
And when we kiss
I close my eyes
And it’s almost like you’re white
Which, you’re not! But your such an
Oreo, you know? Like, you love ugly sweaters
and microbreweries just like me!
That’s like sooo not a black thing. I mean—
There is no race but the human race!


Your BAE


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