Perfect! This Person Just #DiddyCropped Becky Out of All Their B-Day Pics

Awesome! Casey had all types of fun at their birthday party Sunday, but when they looked back at the photos they just couldn’t get past the photobombs. The photobomber, Becky (who was not invited), was in every single shot.

“This is unacceptable.” Casey uttered, before actively cropping Becky out of each image.

Casey learned this technique from the recent Met Gala instance in which hip hop mogul P. Diddy epically leveled up one image by photoshopping two trolls out of his otherwise dope shot.

“I #diddycrop so that I can glo up to my full potential. Sometimes a simple crop makes all the difference,” Casey explained.

Casey made clear that Becky, who was not asked to be in any of their images, did not glo up in the necessary fashion as did the rest of their friends.

Casey stressed that a #diddycrop can be applied at any point and time and that it’s absolutely no shade to the cropped person. In fact, the cropped person should be thankful that they have not been made to have to pretend they can really be as cool as those they attempt to be associated with.

“She cool but she just doesn’t have the range, also she wasn’t invited. Yeah the main problem is just like, who invited her, you know? I would never actively invite Becky to a function.”

Casey expressed a desire to continue to use the #diddycrop whenever they felt necessary. They also advised everyone to incorporate such a crop at their own discretion.

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