Forget Money! Woman Donates Rainbow Pride Buttons to Trans People Instead

Pride month is here and with it comes the limited edition Pride reaction button, of which many have made great use. Molly’s one of those people. Lately, cisgender ally Molly noticed a lot of black and brown transgender people in her timelines asking for money, from mundane things like school to medical expenses and covering gender affirmative surgeries. She’s even seen people asking for money for their art work.

“It’s like they want to get paid for literally everything.” Molly explained.

After great deliberation, Molly came to the conclusion that there are a lot better and more visible ways for her to do her part for the trans community. Thanks to innovative thinking, the cis woman figured out how combine her tremendous allyship and Facebook’s Pride  updates for the best representation of support possible — reacting to people’s posts about donations with the Pride button.

“I never use a basic ‘like’ anymore. It’s always the Pride button now. I’ve just gotta show I’m here for them, you know?”

Of course, Facebook’s Pride button won’t be around forever, so Molly’s already decided to transfer to the heart reaction when it disappears. Thank goodness there are visible allys out there like Molly.

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