Two Ex-Googlers Want to Make Cracker Barrel Obsolete

“Women in Tech – 115” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by

Wednesday two black women who formerly worked at Google set out a new business plan that may very well end Cracker Barrel. The company is ironically called Mayo, a condiment well-loved by Cracker Barrel clientele.

This news broke shortly after two other ex-Google employees launched Bodega, a start-up made to work as a counter to actual bodegas around the world. Like Bodega, Mayo has a acutely designed auto-pay system and uses algorithms to decide which popular items to sell.

“We even make sure the foods we create have minimal seasoning and that the greens are phenomenally overcooked.” One of Mayo’s creators explained.

Mayo™ sites will be located in apartments, hotels, motels and more all over the US and the creators hope for an expansion internationally in the near future.

Sign announcing it’s launch, Mayo™ has proven quite divisive among Cracker Barrel fans. Some have even sited the start-up as ‘disrespectful’ to the culture surrounding such a well-loved brand. Not only are people upset with the concept, they also don’t approve of the name. Not only does Mayo challenge Cracker Barrel, but the title ruffles feathers due to the unique relationship many Cracker Barrel fans have to mayonnaise. Still, the creators plan to continue with their plan and there have been no updates yet proclaiming a change in this launch.





Image: “Women in Tech – 115” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by

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