FTW: 5 Ways White Feminism is #Winning

Black Feminism is behind the organizing curve. Through art, social media and the physical rejection of social norms. White Feminism is leading the way in activism by tackling some of today’s most pressing issues. Below are some unique resistance techniques used by white feminists to fight misogyny and inequality. These examples can be used as a guide to aid your feminist agenda.

  1. Glitter Pits
    sprinkle armpit

Watch white feminist warriors in their beautiful funk, doing their part to remain free from irritation and the pit of oppression.

2. Dyed Pubes #BecausePatriarchy
painted vag

This is a white feminist solution to reclaim the body. It includes enhancing the vagina. Put your pussy on the frontline! Risk a yeast infection! You’re a true fighter. This leads me to number…

3.Yeast (Infection) Bread….fresh from the jay jay.
vaginal yeast

If feminism could be graded, congratulate yourself on an E for Effort. Why haven’t black feminists figured out how to feed themselves? Let’s all have a bloody good time sipping tea and infectiously eating what was once inside us.

4. Vaginal Knitting
no idea what this is

Again, white feminism demonstrates resilience through craft. It is empowering women by using pussy to control production and narrative.

5. The “If you ain’t vegan you ain’t feminist” campaign.
Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 8.08.46 AM

I know what you are thinking. Are we really shaming people for what they eat? YES! White feminism is only concerned with what is right for you! It does not care that a McDouble is cheaper and more filling than a salad and water cost more than soda. Economic equality is centralized on our agenda. It aims to do a few things well as opposed to doing many things wrong. We’re focused.

Bonus fail for the fail blog:

The Period Facial!!!!!!!

blood facial

Blinded by their own melanin it seems black feminist have stopped looking for the fountain of youth. Under this thinking we have found the key to combating misogyny. We must paint our face in our blood to protect our softness. Women are at war and black feminist should be lifting weights with their pussy or making beautiful period art right beside us. 

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