Happy Very Normal Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, all. Like other Tuesday’s, it’s possible you woke up in the morning, or maybe you woke up in the afternoon. Many of us may have just woken up at this very moment. You may have had breakfast, or skipped it because breakfast isn’t your thing. Maybe you’re working today, or you may have the day off and a nice little break from capitalism. Good for you!

Interestingly enough, many of us will enjoy fireworks on this average, ordinary day. You might even party with family and friends, which sounds totally fun and absolutely great.

And a few of us will celebrate an elusive United States holiday. Some of us might call it July 4th or 4th of July since, well, it’s Tuesday July, 4th.

So, by all means, enjoy your very normal Tuesday and have the very best time ’cause you deserve it!


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