Hillary Clinton and Black Leader Rachel Dolezal Team Up for Very Hip New Campaign Project

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Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton revealed she and black activist and educator Rachel Dolezal have teamed up to launch an all new campaign project to spark more interest from the Black community. The front runner’s recent appearances involving “chewy tea” and hot sauce have proven great for her team. The plan now is to keep up the momentum with a prominent black leader. In a radio interview this Wednesday, Clinton expressed her admiration for Dolezal,

“She’s such a fierce and strong role model for the black community. I’m quite excited to work with her and get her insight on the black community.”

Clinton’s camp released a statement mapping out details  of the initiative which include new “Afrocentric” campaign logos designed by Dolezal and a press tour where Dolezal plans to use African American Vernacular English to pump up urban voters. The two powerhouses will also embark on a public speaking tour entitled “2 Dope Cweens” where the women will share a stage and recite inspirational Hamilton-inspired raps to predominantly black audiences. Clinton’s press secretary states Dolezal’s expertise on blackness paired with the former Secretary of State’s flexibility will prove a great and necessary boost for Clinton’s campaign. We’re sure Clinton will have hot sauce in tow!

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