How to Make Becky Like You in 5 Easy Steps

Everyone loves Becky. She’s totally liberal, super cute,  and some even say she’s got good hair. She’s the nice girl men bring home to their moms and the edgy friend  you can always count on for a night on the town.  Of course you want to get in her circle—who wouldn’t! Well, don’t you worry because with these five easy steps you two will be sipping a low fat, skinny, chocolate caramel mocha latte with almond milk in no time!


Young Women Having Fun Drinking Coffee Outdoors.

          Remember: Becky Knows Best

  1. Becky knows best when it comes to, well, anything. Becky loves Taylor Swift, you love Taylor Swift. Becky thinks that new shop in Williamsburg has the best hummus. You agree! Becky is like sooo into hot yoga now-a-days ever since her fave celeb posted a selfie there. Join her class! Becky thinks reparations are kinda unfair. She’s sooo right.
  2. Reference Lena Dunham
    Did you see the last Girls episode? Why the hell not? While you’re at it, watch Dunham’s last few interviews and bask in her epic feminist glory. She’s progressive and hip and she gets it. To be cool with Becky you need to realize this.
  3. Share Your Secrets!
    OMG, how did you get so tan? Do you know how to dougie? What are some bizarre ethnic musicians you like? Don’t be stingy. Fill Becky in on your beauty tips, life hacks and hot topics she may not be hip to.
  4. Work Your “Ass” Sets
    Becky is fascinated by your bod (see, “Oh my god, Becky, look at her butt!“). Flaunt it! Your hair, your bum, those lips, oh my!  Let her compliment you and don’t be alarmed by how enchanted she is. And don’t forget to let her touch your hair!
  5. Be Chill 
    Becky has totally channelled her inner Bob Marley, and you should too. It’s all good dude. We’re all just living our lives and hanging out and having a good time. Whatever you do, DO NOT be an angry PoC. That’s seriously, soo annoying.
Friends Meeting Happiness Coffee Shop Concept
Friends Meeting Happiness Coffee Shop Concept

And there you have it! You and Becky will be besties in no time!

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