I Just Found Out Venezuela Is Starving and Now I’m Super Hangry








So, I was scrolling through YouTube this morning and came across a seemingly interesting video about Venezuelan cuisine, so of course, I clicked on it. I’m on an ethnic food kick these days, so it was a natural progression. Turns out it was just clickbait. Because I’m just that kind of guy, I sat through 3 minutes of talk about how climate change and government corruption have led to severe drought and starvation for the people in Venezuela. They get fresh water just once a week and have to stand in line upwards of 13 hours just to buy basic goods like flour and sugar which, because of inflation, cost literally $100.


And, of course since it’s YouTube, I fell into a wormhole of depressing content about how the recent drop in oil prices have left Venezuela in a crisis so damning they are near a financial collapse. Man. It was rough. Really difficult to sit through. After all that emotional labor I was really famished. Seriously, I could really use a good nosh right now to relieve all this built up stress.

And quite frankly, it’s really not what I needed to hear about today. I’ve got several meetings and a party to go to tonight that I can’t  miss since I’ve got some potential connections there for my newest project (I’ll be making designer safety pins for charity and giving a percentage of the percentage to select dog shelters to help hounds in need. I like to do my part for the creatures of the earth). Anyway, I didn’t have much time to brain bleach all those depressing current events out of my memory so suffice it to say — I’m stressed, and when I get stressed I get hungry. I could eat a house. There’s no time to cook anything so I guess I could stop at Chipotle but I’ve had that at least 4 times this week. Maybe I’ll splurge and treat myself to Korean barbecue today. I think I at least deserve that. It’s a lot to think about. I’ll get back to you on whatever I decide, but right now I’ve got too much on my plate. I just need a vacation. Always wanted to go to Venezuela but clearly now’s not a good time.

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