Wow! This Woman Knows the First 4 Words of ‘I Have a Dream’

Amazing, 22-year-old Kendall knew Martin Luther King Day was coming up so she made the valiant effort to learn the first four words of the honorable activist’s infamous speech.

“I Googled the transcript and saw the words “I am happy to…” which is so profound. MLK was like, a hero. Just like, awesome.” She expressed while simultaneously tweeting,

“We’re all human. We all bleed red. Love is Love.”

Kendall’s already tweeted six different Martin Luther King quotes today and she’s not done, yet. According to her Instagram, she’ll also be posting a few selfies in honor of King with the goal of raising awareness about racism.

“MLK was all about love and peace, you know? He was like, totally zen, like never angry or aggressive. That’s so cool.”

When asked, Kendall claimed she had ‘no idea’ King had ever been arrested and expressed that made her feel a little weird, but she still loves him.

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