DAMN. White Woman’s 4-Year-Long Black Tour Is Officially Over

After several years of dreadlock-wearing, twerking, and a R&B/Hip Hop album, 23-year old white Miley has decided to throw in her black towel and end a successful 4 year black tour.

“It was my favorite tour so far! I think I got out just in time, though.” The country singer expressed. The in-depth, worldwide tour allowed the white singer to try many things she would have otherwise found gross, but promised she is in a very different place in her life now.

“I got kinda bored, and whenever an artist gets bored, you gotta switch it up. So I’m over hip hop and twerking. Also, kinda over black people too so it makes sense that I’m moving on!”

Miley’s black tour is her longest to date, following her long stint as a Disney child star. When prompted, the actress revealed a black tour seemed the most fun after ‘such a sheltered life as a Disney celeb’. She confirmed that while exciting, she always knew she’d grow out of the black scene. However, Miley indicated that she learned a lot from hanging out in ‘black land’ for so long. For instance, Miley claims the tour taught her hip hop and other pieces of black culture are “a little obsolete,” and ‘not super feminist-friendly’.

The woman also gave her important white opinion on Kendrick Lamar’s new album Damn. Miley cited lyrics, “Show me somethin’ natural like ass with some stretch marks,” from Kendrick’s single, Humble as one of her favorites.

Actual black hip hop critics, especially black women have called out those exact same lyrics as problematic, but Miley’s done with black people and therefore clearly over Black Twitter, so she wouldn’t know that. No news yet on Miley’s next tour, but talks of pop-country a la Taylor Swift (our favorite white feminist!) are in major talks.

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