QUIZ: Can I Be A Part of #BlackOutDay?

It’s Sept 7th, the third official #BlackOutDay of 2017, and a whole lot of fly ass black people are about to bless your social media feeds. But, you may ask yourself, ‘Can I get involved?’

Here’s a user-friendly quiz to help you decide if you can hang.

I’m white but I love black people. Can I be a part of #BlackOutDay?

  • a. Nah
  • b. Def not
  • c. Do what you want, but you’re gonna get trolled

I’m Rachel Dolezal. Can I be a part of #BlackOutDay?

  • a. The fuq, have you not learned?
  • b. Why are you still here?
  • c. Go away.

I really love black culture and my cousins are black. Can I be a part of #BlackOutDay?

  • a. Just cause you have fam that are black, doesn’t make you black.
  • b. (See Rachel Dolezal)
  • c. No, but you can use your love for black culture to uplift black voices.

My boyfriend of four years is Black and his mom loooooves me. She calls me her honorary daughter so like, basically I’m black, right? Can I be a part of #BlackOutDay?

  • Just cause your bae is black, don’t make you black.
  • There’s no such thing as an ‘honorary black person.’
  • Post all the pics you want of yourself today but you best not tag that hashtag.

I’m white but I can rap better than Shia LaBeouf, real talk. Word, like some people call me whiter Shia Labeouf. Can I be a part of #BlackOutDay?

  • a. Get tf out
  • b. See A
  • c. …

I’m black. Can I be a part of #BlackOutDay?

  • a. Yassss
  • b. Get it!
  • c. Do you, boo!
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