QUIZ: Could This be Us, or are You Playin’?

could this be us?

This could be us, but you playin’. Or maybe you’re not playin’. Or maybe you need to get your life. What’s really good? Take this quiz to find out:


1. You came over last night and had a good time.

A) True

B) False

C) I had wanted to but I was playin’ games at some other hoe’s house.


2. Was that time we went out to eat at that cute restaurant a date?

A) Definitely.

B) I think so.

C) Nah, bruh. It ain’t even like that.


3. That time you introduced me to your friend, why didn’t you give me a title like “bae”, “significant other” or even your damn “friend”?

A) I got nervous but wanted to call you my bae.

B) I’m not sure what to call us.

C) Keepin’ my options open cause I be playin’ games.


4. Remember that time we went to the movie and you told me, “This is real cool, we should do this again?”

A) Yes

B) I don’t recall.

C) I’m an asshole that says shit I don’t mean and make folks feel like we got something good going but we ain’t shit.


5. We have a special song.

A) True. I think of it whenever I’m with you.

B) False. I don’t think we’ve found one to fit us yet.

C) Yo, I play songs for a lot of people. You gonna have to remind me. #Scammer


6. Why you playin’ games?

A) I’m not. I’m really just scared.

B) I’m sorry. I don’t really know.

C) We still cool though, right? #IPlayGames


7. So, how do you really feel? 

A) I like you and we should date

B) I’m really not that into you because I like to lead people on but in reality I’m just playin’ games and have no end goal.

C) There is no “C.” Answer the damn question.


Mostly A’s: 

This could be us. Look, I’m scared too but clearly you want me so let’s make it happen. Call me.

Mostly B’s:

You don’t even know what the fuck but that’s okay. New shit can be scary but right now you’re being weak af so I’m going to need you to step your game up.  Maybe once you do we can be something.

Mostly C’s:

If you don’t get your wannabee- Joanne-the-scammer lookin’ ass up out my DM’s and get your life. You wanna be a headass, do you but not on my time, boo boo. It’s summer, I’m cute and I don’t have time for your punk ass. BYE

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