Rachel Thought She Was #Woke, Turns Out She’s Just Awake

Rachel’s awake! Monday morning Rachel woke up bright and early at 9am and tweeted her now infamous quote,

“It’s early and I’m #woke. Are you? #StayWoke.”

Rachel was indeed awake. Wide awake even, and for that she deserves much applause. Furthermore, during an interview, Rachel expressed that she’s often awake, possibly even more than she’s asleep. This is a feat within itself that only billions of others share, and will continue to experience.

However, sources say Rachel was not actually #woke. Upon questioning, Rachel doubled down on her comment,

“I wake up everyday and I have a lot of PoC friends so… ”

Rachel’s known for her commentary on minority issues such as police brutality and who wore it best at this year’s Afropunk festival, so she’s pretty much on the up and up when it comes to that sort of stuff. No wonder she thinks she’s woke!

Let’s hope Rachel continues to be awake because that’s still so cool! No confirmation yet as to whether she still thinks she’s #woke, but we totally love her enthusiasm!


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