Ryan Is Kinda Bummed He Voted for Trump and Could Really Use A Pick-Me-Up

President Trump’s recent #MuslimBan antics have everyone in a tizzy, including many people who gave him their vote last November. Ryan’s part of that crew, and he’s feeling super low about it. When asked to explain the thought process behind his decision, Ryan expressed,

“Like I was gonna vote for crooked Hillary? C’mon. Who knew Trump would do all this?”

Ryan was a confident Trump voter who believed in the President’s anti-establishment perspective, and what he assumed was a business-savvy nature. However, Ryan claims his support had nothing to do with the ‘hate speech’ or divisive language. He made clear that even though he didn’t like Trump’s anti-Mexican and xenophobic rhetoric, his racist comments about black people, or his sexism, he eventually had to look past it.

“I had to sacrifice a lot of what he said to make my best decision. Maybe that wasn’t the best idea, but what are you ‘gonna do, you know?”

Ryan’s currently calling on all of his friends, family and acquaintances to send him pick-me-ups, like really cool puppy pictures, for example.

“Yeah, send me inspirational quotes, animal pics, maybe some uplifting articles. That kinda stuff. I really need some good vibes.” He requests.

Ryan also asks that non-Trump voters don’t say ‘I told you.”

“I’ve been hearing that a lot lately. Like dude, okay. Okay? Stop it.”

In further news, Ryan’s still having a very bad day.

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