Shocking! This Average Cis Man Has Opinions On Who’s ‘Hot’

Cis men’s opinions are extremely important, and that fact is exemplified in Keith’s announcement today that he doesn’t find dark skinned black women attractive. This ‘hot take’ was revealed in a discussion about celebrities, in which Keith focused in on black beauty, saying specifically,

“How black are we talking? Cause I mean, black-black can be extreme, you know what I mean?”

Keith, an average man in every way, then went on to describe his favorite type of woman in great detail. Thanks to people like Keith, women and femmes know exactly what they need to look like to be valued!

Keith’s statement came coincidentally close to those of Gilbert Arenas, a dark skinned black NBA player who spoke openly about his lack of attraction to dark skinned black women. And just a few days before, a heroic man named Dan Rochkind proudly announced that he’d no longer date ‘hot women’, who, of course, were described as “20-something blond (white) models.” The groundbreaking article showed a photo of Rochkind’s current, brown haired, white fiance’ with the caption,

“Dan Rochkind used to date swimsuit models, but he’s happier now that he’s engaged to a merely beautiful woman…”

As masculinity represents leadership, it’s always a strong sign to see cis men confirming their masculinity by putting lowly feminine traits in their place. As long as this keeps happening, the status quo remains, and we have great minds like Keith to thank for that.

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