This New Viral Video of a Guy Tying His Shoes is Breaking the Internet

Teenage boy (16-18) tying shoes on front steps of house
Teenage boy (16-18) tying shoes on front steps of house

If you haven’t heard about “Tie ’em, Brian!” you just might have been sleeping under a rock. The overnight video hit already boasts 5 million loops on Vine as of today and the view count is rising by the minute.

In the hilarious clip you’ll find 14-year-old Brian Wilson pausing at various steps at his Vermont public school to tie his lightly worn, white Converse shoes. Each time he bends, sits or squats down to recreate the now infamous scenes, his friend Johnny Ryan shouts ‘Tie ’em, Brian!”

And that, he does.

Since posting the video on his Vine this Tuesday, sales for white converses have skyrocketed! The high school students-turned-comedic duo are set to sit down with Ellen Degeneres and spill the beans on the history behind their brilliant stunt. Rumor has it the pair will receive a hefty scholarship from the talk show host for bringing this level of genius to all our lives. Well deserved!

In case you’ve missed it, you can watch “Tie ’em, Brian!” right here.

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