Study: Jokes on You, Trans People Don’t Pee

Toilet sign
Toilet sign

You read right, transgender people don’t pee. A new study completed by New York University finds that transgender people are born without urinary tracts and are also incapable of  bowel movements. Furthermore, the study asserts that trans persons are actually part alien from an unconfirmed planet.

Further details of the 2-year research study revealed any food a non cis person eats only stays in their body for up to 24 hours. After that the food seems to dissipates into the atmosphere, though NYU’s scientists believe it may be floating into the unconfirmed planet mentioned above.

This study is released just in time of several state bills that make it illegal for transgender people to use the bathroom they most identify with. Alabama is soon to launch the most severe variation of the bill that punishes transgender people with up to six months of jail for using the bathroom that matches their gender identity.


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