Amazing! This Black Tourist Heard Microaggressions in 4 Different Languages

Traveling while black, amirite? We talked with black traveler, Ari, who’s totally new to the trend because apparently they couldn’t ‘just quit their job and travel the world‘? Because of their lack of jet setting, Ari had only experienced microaggressions of the American variety. However, thanks to years of savings, a job with security and a reasonable amount of vacation time, all that’s changed! Ari took their first big trip out of the U.S. of A to Europe and to their wonderment, microaggressions exist overseas, too!

When Ari landed in Paris, it was super cool to hear “no, where are you really from??” in French for a change. And they got to hear the same thing in Dutch when walking down the street in very, very liberal Amsterdam!

Ari further explained there epic layover in the Ukraine in which they totes enjoyed the special treatment from the TSA. The efficient employees were so kind as to pull only Ari aside, away from their travel buddies, to give a thorough pat down and scrutinize their blackness. Everyone knows being black is suspect enough, so thank goodness even the folks in the Ukraine got that memo. And, Ari had the best time hearing the TSA joke about their black skin in Russian. What a complex language!

Of course, nothing beats the romantic sound of Italian insults. Ari quite enjoyed Italian employees following them through a tourist shop while they tried to do some gift shopping. Plus, Ari was fascinated at how familiar their Italy interactions felt to the ones in the states. Wild!

When asked about their experience, Ari expressed how universal microaggressions feel similar to an art form because they translate so well across borders,

“It’s really cool how microaggressions transcend language, you know? It’s like art or dance something. Fascinating!”

Ari confirmed that being black just about anywhere will definitely get you attention, and we here at QUNTFRONT like to see the glass half full — basically it’s like Ari is a celebrity! How dope. Much cool.

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