Empathetic Pro-Trumper: ‘Let’s Agree to Disagree’

Friday an empathetic Trump supporter wrote ‘Let’s agree to disagree’ in a loving Facebook post. The post stemmed from the backlash after the Charlottesville protests, in which a few of his friends marched for pro-white rights. Chad didn’t take part in the march but expressed his love and understanding for both sides,

“We have to be able to talk to each other. If you want us to listen to you, you’ve got to let us also air out our grievances.”

The guy in question is Chad, a fun-loving 20-something white guy who happens to be a pro-Trumper. Chad has a background in speaking out against hate, most recently calling out the ‘hate group’ Black Lives Matter. He sites himself as an empathetic guy and many of his friends and family agree. For example, his girlfriend, also a Trump supporter, was happy to speak with us about empathetic Chad,

“Chad is the sweetest guy I know. He’s always thinking of everybody. He has such a big heart!”

Chad doesn’t believe in gay people, thinks the term ‘queer’ is a joke and most recently tweeted, “Boys are boys, girls are girls. Stop trying to change your gender.” However, he believes one must love the sinner not the sin. When asked about Trump, he showed a bit of remorse in his vote, though he is still a reluctant supporter.

“I voted for Trump but he’s not perfect. He’s made some mistakes just like all of us do. We’re all human. None of us is perfect.”

An empathetic response from an empathetic guy.

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