Brava! Progressive Buddy Collects 10 Kudos for Using Her Trans Friend’s Pronouns

Cis woman Alice recently befriended a non binary femme named Mariah, who uses They/Them pronouns. Fortunately, after reading a handy dandy guide on gender neutral pronouns, Alice was quick to catch on. However, unbeknownst to Alice were the kudos points that come with consistent, correct pronoun use.

As of early 2017, the transgender leaders of society established a law awarding one kudos point per correct pronoun usage, and two points if those pronouns are gender neutral, as those tend to be more difficult to grasp. Further caveats to the rule include 5 points if the cis person has just learned of the trans person’s pronouns, and an additional 10 points if the cis person has known said trans person for at least three years prior.

Alice was beyond excited to learn of her earnings,

“I love that this comes with rewards! It’s really difficult sometimes to remember her pronouns so this is totally a motivator.”

The process of collecting kudos proves a bit elusive for some as it requires some imagination. Each time pronouns are used correctly, the cis person must listen closely for a ding that goes off in their brain. This ding sounds exactly like a small bell and signifies awarded points. The sound will chime as many times as the points that have been received. This process works as a sort of Pavlov effect for cis people to note the positive response each time they use a trans person’s pronouns correctly. At 50 kudos, the cis person receives a round of applause and a dream at night which includes noting them as a wonderful trans ally. Alice expressed looking forward to this mark, as it’s indeed one for the books.

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