Inspiring! White Woman Befriends Nazi, Confirms He’s Really Nice After All!

Staci, a certified social justice warrior and true progressive, befriended Nate the nazi on Tuesday. Staci confirmed that unlike her fellow lazy feminist friends, she’s the type of feminist who can truly get along with anyone — even a nazi!

That’s right, feminist-of-the-day Staci is now good friends with self-proclaimed alt-right member Nate, who often openly expresses his desire to kill ‘blacks’. Of course inspired by the story, Quntfront interviewed Staci on her motives in this heroic act,

“Like, yeah, he may think blacks and gays and brown people and Mexicans should die but like, you’ve really gotta look past that, you know? He’s a human being. We’re all human underneath it all.” Staci explained.

Wow. Wonderful. Staci revealed her initial worry that Nate might be mean, but was delighted to find she really made a deep connection with him, even telling us that the two both share an interest in knitting.

“Late time we hung out we knitted for like 2 hours! He may think Black Lives Matter is a terrorist group, but like, we don’t really get into that. We’re just seeing each others as the human beings we are. Like, people should really learn from this.”

Staci has a history of connecting with people with different beliefs than her own. She actually calls it her life’s philosophy.

“Nate might disagree with the black lifestyle, but he doesn’t disagree with my existence. That’s gotta mean something,” the very white woman said.

Staci tells us she and Nate are planning to hang out again soon. She also recommended that we at Quntfront interview him as well. Unfortunately, Nate declined our request for interview, stating,

“I don’t do interviews with disgusting blacks, or fags.”

Great job, Staci, for standing on the front lines of justice!

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