White Gays: Pride Is Super Fun!

Portrait of friends holding rainbow peace flag

OMG, white cishet gays, it’s time to get itttttt. Yaaaaassss queen. Drag queens grab your wigs and fairies, dust on that glitter. Pride Month is upon us and every night’s about to be a par-tay!

QUNTFRONT spoke with a few local white gays in New York City and they confirmed, LGBT month is super fun. When asked, a particular white gay exclaimed,

“It’s the most fun you will ever have, like, seriously.” The white gay told us he travels to San Francisco the second half of every June just to celebrate twice.

“My parents left me a trust fund just for coming out, so I make the trip every year!” Wow, white gay, that’s amazing.

Another white gay dressed in a Beyonce-inspired garb told us,

“Pride month is my Christmas for homos!” That’s right, it is like Christmas!

The Beyonce fan then went on to tell us about an awesome movie they saw called Stonewall about how white gays saved thousands of LGBT people from a bunch of discrimination. White gays are the best.

Unsurprisingly, several people told us Pride month is like SCOTUS granting America equal marriage rights every single day of June! They couldn’t have got it more right. Now all LGBT issues are solved so of course we’ve got to celebrate!

White gays also noted how awesome it is to be accepted by straight people now.

“I work with like only straight people and they know I’m gay and they’re like NBD! I invited all of my straight co-workers to Pride with me!” one self-identified Bear told us.

So there you have it, Pride is fun for everyone! Just listen to white gays!


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