White Men Are Giving Themselves More Space to Talk About More Space


White men have it rough. Shows like Luke Cage and Atlanta, lead by black men, are making waves  which means white men are losing more space. And it’s not just black men encroaching on white guy territory. All sorts of minorities are forcing the media to notice them from the upcoming, live action adaptation of Mulan to award winning Black-ish and even kids’ shows like Stephen Universe who’ve hired a record number of people of color as its voice actors.

White men are tired of being pushed out and so they’ve begun having meetings to plan how to give themselves more space. Ideas so far involve speaking up much louder in all corporate meetings, man-spreading more,  and consistently talking over any and all people of color. Some have argued the latter has already been done at high levels, but many of the men disagreed.

Still no word on when these new tactics will be implemented but we’ll be sure to update you on any further information.

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