Woman Takes Quick Break from Allyship to Finally Whisper the N-Word

Brittney is an amazing ally, like, the best. She supports the concept of intersectionality and stopped following Miley Cyrus almost two years ago, way before a lot of other white people jumped off the Cyrus bandwagon. But ever since she got woke, Brittney just hasn’t been able to get over one important concept: the n-word. Like why can’t she say it???? So on one sunny Wednesday morning Brittney took a super quick break from tweeting #BLM to quietly whisper the N-word in the privacy of her apartment.

“I love being an ally. It’s seriously the best, but why can’t I say it?!” Brittney pressed, when prompted by our reporter. Brittney expressed a great love of hip hop, citing its many references to the N-word as stressful,

“Rappers say it all the time and it’s like, if you don’t want me saying it then don’t put it in your songs!”

Brittney has asked her one black friend on numerous occasions why it’s not okay for her to say the N-word as a white person, but wasn’t very happy with the responses. Recently her friend even sent her a guide to saying (and not saying) the N-word, written by black linguist Aliah Luckman, which plainly states who can and cannot say the word,

“White people and non-black people of color should refrain from using the N-word in all forms. This is due in part to the linguistic history and meaning of the word, as well as the pragmatic, or context, in which it is used, and to whom and by whom.”

While she respects her friend’s opinion, she also would like to live her best life, which Brittney describes involving the use of the N-word. After saying the N-word Brittney expressed to Quntfront that she feels fulfilled,

“I get it: Slavery. But I said it and the world’s still turning, you know?”

Brittney confirmed that ever since whispering the N-word in her home, she has planned to start using it more in her everyday life, but not in an offensive way.

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