White Word of the Day: Squad

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White people have contributed so much to American culture from Rock & Roll to cornrows and it doesn’t stop there. Join us for our new series, White Word of the Week, where we highlight yt people’s latest and greatest contributions to American slang.

Today’s word: Squad

Origin: Taylor Swift

Of course the brilliant mind behind “Blank Space” and “Bad Blood” brought us the trendy hashtag we know today.  She first blessed us with the phrase #SquadGoals months ago in a response tweet to an adorable white gay couple who claimed to be huge fans. She stated,

“You two are the ultimate  #SquadGoals!”  In later interviews she explained she was calling their union “super fun” and “great” for the LGBT community. She’s so progressive!

The internet went wild. That first tweet prompted millions of others in a wave so popular you’ll even find old people using it. Thank you Taylor Swift for your usual genius. You are totally #SquadGoals!


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