White Word of the Week: BAE

bae, the word

White people have contributed so much to American culture from Rock & Roll to cornrows and it doesn’t stop there. Join us for our new series, White Word of the Week, where we highlight yt people’s latest and greatest contributions to American slang.

Today’s word: BAE

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Origin: Irish sheep herders

Some say the origin of BAE comes from a shortening of the word “baby,” often used as a term of endearment in romantic relationships. Hate to break it to you, peeps, but that’s wrong.

The true genesis of the term dates back to the 1500s. Sheep herders in the northern most part of Ireland used “bae” as a shepherding call to which flocks totally responded. The call became so effective that the herders began using it with people.

“Let’s try it on humans!” They said. And so they did.  For example, when a herder’s friends all gathered together for a social outing, the herder would shout “Bae!” to signify that all of the people had arrived.

The word became so popular that Irish immigrants carried it over to the states and it eventually evolved into the word we know today. Too bad “bae” is so totally last year. Oh, well! And there you have it, the whites did it again!

sheep herder

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