White Word of the Week: Twerk

White people have contributed so much to American culture from Rock & Roll to cornrows and it doesn’t stop there. Join us for our new series, White Word of the Week, where we highlight yt people’s latest and greatest contributions to American slang.

Today’s word: Twerk

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 7.14.38 PM

Origin: Miley Cyrus

The story goes, Miley was feeling social one night whilst smoking weed and decided to invite over a few friends. One of her friends got so high they began shaking their bum to the music playing in the background. Miley joined in and began shouting, “Twerk it, twerk it!”
And so, “twerk” was born.

Many of you may remember Miley Cyrus’ epic performance in the 2013 MTV VMAs where she showcased the squatting dance for the world to see. Thank goodness the pop star gifted us with such an unforgettable dance staple.


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