QUNTFRONT welcomes your submissions! We’re currently looking for comedic pieces by QTPoC that fit within any of our sections, see below:


News: This section is great for satirical or outlandish ‘news’ stories. Check out this one, for example.

Op-Eds: This is our soap box section, open for anything you would like to spotlight. Hate standing in long lines? Never learned how to wink and feeling some type of way about it? Here you can write a full editorial piece on any subject you like.

Short Stories and Poems: Any comedic short stories and poems accepted here. (EX: A breakup in 5 haikus)

Love + Relationships: Tongue-in-cheek relationship advice.

QUNTY: Our random section for all original comedic work that doesn’t fit neatly into other sections. There will probably be a lot of listicles in this section, but you don’t have to limit yourself to these. (EX: 7 Times #Yt People Made Ethnic Food Like Actually Edible)

Science and Technology: Pseudo science stories like “Study: White people are actually part mayonnaise,” etc.


.         .          .

Please send your pitch to quntfront (at) gmail (dot) com, along with a short description about yourself. If we like you’re idea, we’ll reach out as soon as possible! (Yes, we pay!)