QUNTFRONT welcomes your submissions! We’re currently looking for comedic pieces by QTPoC that fit within any of our sections, see below:


OP-EDs: This is our soap box section, open for anything you would like to spotlight. Hate dealing with stares from security guards in CVS? Wish queer people recognized winking as a successful way to flirt? Here you can write a full editorial piece on any subject you like. (ex: An Ode to Work BoosHow to Break a Brown Girl)
Short Stories and Poems: Any comedic short stories and poems accepted here. (ex: I Don’t Even See You as Black, A Love Poem and A breakup in 5 haikus)
Love + Relationships: Tongue-in-cheek relationship advice. This may also fit in our Qunty section, but is specifically focused on queer relationships.
QUNTY: Our random section for all original comedic work that doesn’t fit neatly into other sections. There will probably be a lot of listicles in this section, but you don’t have to limit yourself to these. (ex: 7 Times #Yt People Made Ethnic Food Like Actually Edible and Your Guide to Unfriending that Problematic Ass White Friend)
Science and Technology: Pseudo science stories like Study: Joke’s on You, Trans People Don’t Pee etc.


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Please send your pitch to quntfront (at) gmail (dot) com, along with a short description about yourself. If we like you’re idea, we’ll reach out as soon as possible! (Yes, we pay!)