Your #TCT Takes the Cutest Selfies and They Don’t Even Cispect it

Your #TCT (Transgender Crush Thursday) posted a selfie on their profile and damn if you don’t comment about it. That’s right, your #TCT was feeling fly and so they shared a pic of themselves on social media. Surprisingly in this society, that’s a whole ass radical act even they didn’t realize.

Your #TCT never used to post pictures of themselves online. When prompted on explaining this phenomenon, they explained,

“I don’t remotely fit the white, cis standards of beauty that get the girlies excited. But I learned from a few friends that a good selfie can act as self care. Ever since, I’ve been flaunting my looks on the Gram.”

It seems, being attractive is a social construct promoted in our media and few people ever challenge those ideals so the alternative fact of ‘beauty’ persists. However, such a claim that beauty is for the white and cis is only speculation as many white, conventionally attractive cis people will tell you — they feel ‘ugly’ as well and that matters.

Weeks ago, your #TCT took a break from social media after posting a photo on Instagram only to find rude comments and mentions. A sheet of doubt and despair encompassed them like a fever. It’s cool tho! After a while of positive affirmations and a quick reminder that #WhitenessAintShit they are back at it again with the radical self love.

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